Waste Water Saver FAQs

What are the benefits of a Waste Water Saver?

An average bath uses upto 80 litres of water, an average shower uses up to 50 litres.

You can re-use this water, save on your bills as well as helping the planet.

Is the Waste Water suitable for gardens?

Yes you can water your garden with the bath/shower or rainwater.

It is not recommended for fruit or veg.

How long can you store the Waste Water?

The Waste Water can be stored for upto 48 hours, however, you can buy water butt treatment, this helps the water last longer, prevents green water and unpleasant smells.

Where can we buy the Waste Water Saver?

You can buy from our website or B&TS in Otley, Yeadon or Ilkley

How difficult is the Waste Water Saver to fit?

It is really easy to fit, its as simple as taking out 2 screws and replacing the Water Saver.

We do offer a fitting service within the Yorkshire area.

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