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Environmentally Friendly Waste Water Saver – Waste Water Saver

Due to climate change we are all being told to save water, the Waste Water Saver is designed to do this, especially in the event of a drought.

Grey water, refers to wastewater from showers, baths. Collection of grey water can be used around the home for purposes that do not require drinking water quality, such as toilet flushing or watering the garden.

The recycling of grey water can have significant environmental and economic benefits.

Systems for recycling grey water are available but are often expensive, complex to install, and space consuming.

There is therefore a need for a grey water reuse system which is cheap to install, easy to use, and which can be retrofitted to existing grey water drainage systems, this is the Waste Water Saver.

When an individual wants to reuse water, for example to wash the car or water the plants, he/she can simply lower the plug into the primary water outlet.

This prevents water from flowing through the primary water outlet.

Instead, water will collect/build up within the drain hopper when a source of grey water (e.g., bath or shower) is emptied, and/or when rainwater is directed into the drain hopper via guttering.

This collected water is redirected out of the Waste Water Saver down a hose pipe into either a butt or watering can.

Water Saver Products

Grey Waste

Grey waste is great to recycle especially if you are on a meter, saves money on your water bills. It helps with the environment, it can be useful in times of water shortages ie watering plants, washing your car, patio etc.. Grey waste should be used as it is produced straight away.

To minimise bacterial growth, grey water (from the bath/shower) should be saved for only 48 hours maximum, allow the water to cool before watering plants.

It is not recommended to use greywater on fruit or crops.

Rain water

Rainwater can be stored in in plastic water butts. It can be diverted from the hopper, down a hose pipe into the butt, rainwater can be stored as used in the winter months.

Easy to install, follow the instructions.

Instructions For Use

  • Remove the old drain hopper
  • Replace with the new Hopper Hoarder (sometimes new holes maybe needed to fit the new hopper)
  • Fit the hose pipe to the connector.
  • Fix the rope hook on the drain pipe to allow the ball stop to be in the normal drain position

Items needed


Drill (if holes for the hopper differ from the original holes)

Water Butt

Watering Can

Fitting the Hopper

Remove the old Hopper

Simple as taking out two screws

Replace with the New Hopper

Replace with the New Hopper

All setup

All setup

Ready to divert into the water butt

Ready to divert into the water butt

Included in the price

Ready to go…

To divert rainwater into a butt, unhook the rope to release the ball, water will then flow into the butt. Make sure you hook the ball back before emptying any bath/shower water. You don’t want bath/shower water mixing with the rainwater in the butt.

In case of a drought and your garden is in need of water, unhook the chain to release the ball, the bath/shower water will then flow into your butt/watering can.

Do not store the grey waste water for more than 48 hours.

Allow the water to cool before watering your garden.


Ideal for watering gardens, washing cars, jet wash drives etc.

Unsuitable for fill paddling pools or drinking.


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